Friday, August 6, 2010

The Wacken Diaries: Day one

Releasing a new album is of course always tied to a lot of promotion, and could there be a better place than Wacken? This year we'll be here all 3 days doing tons of interviews, but of course I will also try to watch a couple of bands. I already checked out who is playing, but unfortunately my interview schedule will prevent me from watching all the bands that I would like to see, but well, I can't change that. Day one has been pretty smooth, no big traffic jams on the way here, we already met some old friends and also the interviews that we did so far were all cool. On top of that we won a Metal Hammer Award for being the best German Metal Band, that was really cool :-) Concerning the interviews, my highlight of the day was a radio interview that was recorded not far from the main stage while Motley Crue were already playing... As you can imagine it was pretty loud, and on top of that tons of cars were passing by all the time, I am really curious about how this interview will sound like. But I am even more curious to see how it looks like... If you wonder how a radio interview looks like, well, it was also filmed, in 3D, using only one camera... yeah, I know, sounds very weird, thats why I am curious myself ;-) Another highlight was a weirdo on the festival area that wanted to start a fight with me cause I was blocking his sight. Lol, I explained to him that blocked sight is not really that rare at festivals, and that it was not my intention to block anything for him, that I just wanted to pass and leave, then he got even more pissed cause I wanted to leave before Maiden finished their set... strange world ;-)