Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Les Paul Standard Limited Edition

The next one on the list is another Les Paul Standard, this time a Limited Edition in coral reef blue. For this guitar I managed to behave again and didn´t mess around with the pickups, it still has the original Gibson Burstbuckers and sounds awesome like this. (Pic taken by Nina Voronova)

Les Paul Standard Premium Plus

The first guitar that I got after becoming a Gibson endorser was this Les Paul Standard Premium Plus. I had never played a Standard before, I only used my Customs and my Studio so far, so I wanted to try something different now and this one immediately blew me away completely and became my main guitar, along with my original Custom. Again I played around a bit with different pickups and ended up using EMG 81 pickups again, even though the original Busrtbucker pickus sound incredibly good too, maybe I will switch back to them one day. In my humble opinion the most beautiful guitar on this planet. (Pic taken by Nina Voronova)

Les Paul Studio I

Do you know those moments when you see something and you just HAVE to have it? This is exactly what happened to me when I saw this red Les Paul Studio. I found it in a Guitar Center somewhere in the middle of the Nightfall tour and I immediately fell in love with it. Playing it a bit in the shop made this feeling even stronger so I just had to buy it. This time I didn´t change anything about the guitar, it still has the original Gibson 498T / 490R pickups and it rocks big time. (Pic taken by Hans Martin Issler)

Les Paul Custom II

My second Gibson also turned out to be a black Les Paul Custom, basically the very same model as my first one. This guitar was owned by a good friend of mine and luckily this friend fell in love with one of my old ESP guitars, so when one day he asked me if I would be interested in just trading one guitar for the other I immediately agreed and both uf us are very happy since that day. Originally this Les Paul was equiped with the original Gibson 498T / 490R pickups, but since I always liked to experiment a bit with pickups I changed them to the Gibson 500T / 496R set, aside from this there were no other changes. (Pic taken by Hans Martin Issler)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Les Paul Custom I

Ok, here we go with guitar number one, my first Les Paul Custom. I always wanted to have this guitar, I always loved the way it looks and sounded, so in 1997 I finally decided to get one myself, and this started my addiction to Les Pauls right away. Even though this guitar was "just" a regular model straight out of the shop without any custom modifications for me, it immediately became my favourite and main guitar, it was (and still is) just the perfect guitar in my opinion. The only detail that I changed was replacing the original pickups with two EMG 81 pickups, besides this it is exactly as I bought it back then, all the details can be seen on the Gibson homepage. (Pic taken by Hans Martin Issler)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The beginning...

Am I really doing this???... Well, yes, I think I am, after thinking about this for I don´t know how many years I finally decided to start up my own homepage, well, my own blog in this case. I am not really sure myself what I will post here, for sure I will give some information about my equipment since many people ask about it (and I have already seen many people spreading false information about my stuff), there will be some pics, links and... well, we will see. Just keep checking this blog and you will find out about what I will do with it yourself. But ok, instead of babbling nonsense here I will keep experimenting with this blog so hopefully soon the first serious postings will follow...