Sunday, January 17, 2010

More confirmed Tourdates

Here are some more confirmed dates for the upcoming Blind Guardian tour, dates in Poland and Sweden were added, also Enforcer from Sweden have been confirmed as the second support band for those dates.

24.09.2010 Tilburg o13 Netherlands
25.09.2010 Gent Brielport Belgium
26.09.2010 London Sheperds Bush Empire England
28.09.2010 Paris Elysée Montmartre France
01.10.2010 Ludwigsburg Arena Germany
02.10.2010 Trier Arena Germany
03.10.2010 Langen Stadthalle Germany
05.10.2010 Bremen Pier 2 Germany
06.10.2010 Hamburg Sporthalle Germany
08.10.2010 Bamberg Jako Arena Germany
09.10.2010 Düsseldorf Philips Halle Germany
10.10.2010 Munich Zenith Germany
12.10.2010 Rome Atlantico Italy
13.10.2010 Milan Alcatraz Italy
15.10.2010 Pratteln Z 7 Switzerland
16.10.2010 Vienna Gasometer Austria
17.10.2010 Brno Fleda Czech Republic
19.10.2010 Warsaw Stodola Poland
20.10.2010 Berlin Huxleys Germany
21.10.2010 Osnabrück Halle Gartenlage Germany
22.10.2010 Gothenburg Brewhouse Sweden
23.10.2010 Stockholm Klubben Sweden
30.10.2010 St. Petersburg Glav Club Russia
31.10.2010 Moscow B1 Maximum Club Russia
05.11.2010 Madrid La Riviera Spain
06.11.2010 Barcelona St. Jordi Club Spain

Friday, January 8, 2010

Man with a vision

We all know what George Lucas vision about Star Wars looked like, after all he turned those visions into some pretty successful movies ;-) But what would Luke, Han, Vader or Yoda look like if the vision would have been different? Matt Busch, the guy that did the posters for the Star Wars movies, recently showed us a different vision of the Star Wars universe by slightly "modding" the original posters, turning everything into Zombie Wars. Now I wonder if this vision would have been as successful... ;-)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The 2009 hitlist

As every year here is the list of my faves for 2009


1: Alice in Chains - Black gives way to blue
2: Megadeth - Endgame
3: Muse - The Resistance
4: Amorphis - Skyforger
5: Heaven & Hell - The Devil you know


1: Avatar
2: Inglorious Basterds
3: Wolverine
4: Up
5: Watchmen


1: Rome (All Seasons)
2: [Rec]
3: Blindness
4: The X-Files (Season 3)
5: The Tudors (Season 1)


Stephen King: Song of Susannah
Stephen King: The dark Tower
Stephen King: The Dark Tower 2 - The Long Road Home (Graphic Novel)
Steve Niles: Freaks of the Heartlands (Graphic Novel)
Grant Morrison: Arkham Asylum (Graphic Novel)


1: In Flames (Oberhausen)
2: Heaven & Hell (Athens)
3: Candlemass (Bloodstock)
4: Paddy goes to Holyhead (Moers)
5: New Damage (Krefeld)

Most entertaining timekiller ever:
World of Warcraft

Most heard album 2009:
Muse - Black Holes & Revelations

Looking forward to:
1: The new BG album/tour
2: WoW Cataclysm
3: The men who stare at goats
4: Opeth Anniversary Show
5: All my software working with Windows 7