Sunday, August 17, 2008

Messing around with the layout a bit...

If you visited my blog before you might realize some changes in the layout. The simple reason for this is that I got a bit bored with the original design, so I decided to pimp it a bit. Since I am still not really familiar with html codes and all this stuff it might take a while until I reach the result that I have in my mind, but well, we will see, at least I can already do some easy things that make this blog look better. Stay tuned for more layout updates...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time travelling

I just realised that I didn't post anything here for a while so I guess it is time for an update :-)
In the moment I am having a lot of fun with a bit of time travelling. I started to digitalize my old vcr-tapes, I still have a big collection with BG stuff, lots of old shows, and it is great to watch those concerts again, they bring up a lot of memories. I just finished burning a show from 89 on DVD, thank god the quality of the tape was still ok, not DVD quality of course, but definitely good enough, I just hope all the other tapes will still be as good. Aside from this I am starting to prepare myself for the upcoming shows in Spain, going through some songs again, and I play around with a new guitar that I got shortly ago. It is a very nice Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom, it looks awesome and sounds great, and it has a very nice modification that none of my other guitars has. It is equiped with a Fishman Powerbridge, a Piezo pickup that allows me to get very good acoustic sounds out of this guitar, I can't wait to try this on stage :-)