Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weird Guitars

I guess you can call me a rather conservative guy when it comes to my guitars, I just love my Les Pauls, the most "unconventional" guitars in my collection are probably my Steinberger and my new Flying V, which are not really that unconventional... specially not compared to those ones that I found on the net :-) My fave model in the moment is the one with 12 necks, must be heaven for somebody that uses a lot of different tunings, might be hell for his backliner though :-) The boat is also very nice, perfect for vacations, who the hell still plays acustic guitar at a bonfire, going offshore with it sounds much more like fun. Also the "girlfriend" model is a nice idea, custom made for somebody that just fell in love I guess :-) Well, I guess I will just stick to my Les Pauls, I am just too traditional for such things... even though the Gibson melon is tempting :-)