Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Offline Diary

There are several things in life we tend to take for granted, in my case one of those things is being online. I am used to being online 24/7, here at home pretty much everything is connected to my wifi: my laptop, my computer, my phone, my Nexus, my Kindle, my Wii and my Playstation, my wife's computer and Kindle... I wouldn't be surprised if even our fridge would be connected to the internet in some weird way. Sending an e-mail? No problem. Quickly checking something online? Just a matter of seconds. Doing some interviews using Skype? Sure. World of warcraft? Any time... well, in theory.
Actually things are very different since some weeks: We are offline. After some problems with our old provider we decided to cancel the contract and look for a new one, and finding the "right one" was not difficult, the price was good, the offered conditions even better, so I signed the contract. And this is exactly where the problems started and our connection to the internet ended. It seems to be much more tricky to get the new line into our appartment than we expected (and than we were told...), before I signed the deal everything was supposed to be very simple and fast of course, but now, out of the blue, there are several things that have to be taken care of first, problems that have to be solved. As a result we don't have internet so far, and on top of this we also don't have a working telefone line either (both comes from the new provider), and this doesn't seem to change before the middle of January. A very unusual situation for somebody that is so used to being online, but since there is not much I can do about I guess I will just have to be patient.