Friday, August 20, 2010

Fun at the Gamescom

I spent two days at the Gamescom in Cologne now, partially to do some interviews, but of course also to check out everything about new games, after all I am a hardcore gamer ;-) One thing is for sure, Gamescom is a much nicer place on non-public days, waiting lines are almost not existing, it is not that loud (and so far I thought Musikmesse Frankfurt would be loud...) but on the other hand the atmosphere is not the same. Of course there were tons of new games, but here is my personal top 5:
5: Rage    I had the chance to see the presentation of this game and it looks absolutely awesome. But well, after all this is what I expect from an ID shooter.
4: Torchlight 2   I love part one and the sequel looks awesome too, it finally offers a multiplayer mode, so I am really looking forward to that.
3: Star Wars The old Republic   Playing this one was great too, I was a bit disappointed about the graphics but the games definitely will be great, all the Star Wars atmosphere is already there.
2: World of Warcraft Cataclysm   Well, this is not a big surprise I guess, with WoW being my fave game I loved playing the beta. Can't wait to get the beta key unlocked for my account so I can explore some more parts of the good old world.
1: Diablo 3   YES!!!! Had the chance to play this for about one hour and the old feeling (and addiction) was back imediately, god, this will be so good :-)