Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cigarette lighter vs. cellphone display vs. torch

I just came back from Greece where we played a great show on monday and I spent some nice "rest of the week vacation" with my wife. Does anyone remember this nice old habit of holding up a cigarette lighter when a band plays a ballad? Yes, I know, today cigarette lighters are replaced by cellphone displays, not as romantic but very effective too, but I guess some guy in Athens wanted to revive the original habit... I was watching the Testament show a bit before warming up for our set, and when they played "Into the Pit" somebody was lighting up a torch or something like that... a GIANT one, in the middle of the audience... I have to say it really looked scary and I am not sure if the pit that started immediately around this guy was caused by the fans just wanting to start a pit or by trying to get away from the fire ;-)

PS: What the hell is wrong with Greek mosquitos??? Are they all zombies that come back from the dead over night? How come I kill millions of them before going to bed and on the next moring I have tons of bites and there are armies of them in my room again even though the window was closed...