Monday, June 29, 2009

I should update this blog more often

Hmmm, my last post here was on February the 15th? I should update this blog more often I guess ;-) Well, here is some up to date information for you guys: Blind Guardian is on the road again, Festival season has started for us and we just came back from some great shows at the Graspop Metal Meeting, the Gods of Metal and of course the Bang your Head. Last week we already played at the MetalWay festival in Spain, one of the most "stormy" gigs we ever played, even though "Into the storm" was not even in the set ;-) Talking about the set, we were preparing some nice surprises for you guys, some songs we didn't play in a very long time, we even play a brand new one, so if you are curious, come to one of the gigs and check it out yourself. For now I will enjoy one more day at home before we take off for more festivals, next on the list are the Monsters of Rock and the Metal Camp so see you gyus there.