Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The real me

Did you ever surf the internet and suddenly stumble upon yourself? Sometimes this happens to me, there are some cool sites online just paying tribute to myself or Blind Guardian, on the other hand there are also some freaks creating pages or profiles using my name and pretending to be me, which is not cool at all. So how can you know if it is really me that you found online? Actually this is very simple, aside from the official Blind Guardian homepage, the GMC homepage and this blog there are only two more places where you can find me:

Facebook - Yes, I have a Facebook account, no, I won't add you ;-) I am using Facebook only to babble with some friends of mine, there is no such thing as an "official" profile, it is only private so don't bother sending me requests there.

Google+ - I am also using Google+, originally I only wanted to see how it is compared to Facebook, in the end I liked both so I also kept my profile on Google+. Since this is not as private as my Facebook account you can even feel free to add me there, just don't expect too much posting from my side, you see how often I update this blog ;-)

If you see "Marcus Siepen" anywhere else on the internet you can be absolutely sure it is not me, I am not running any other pages or profiles on whatever communities.