Sunday, July 10, 2011

Full Contact Hardware

Some time ago my friend Frank Aresti told me about a company called Full Contact Hardware, which offers replacement bridges for many guitars and basses. Their concept sounded very interesting, their bridges have full contact to the guitars body, which should definitely inprove the tone and the sustain, on top of that you have much more options to adjust all the settings, like individually changing the string action for every single string. I got very curious so Frank got me in contact with the guys and they sent me one of their bridges which I installed on one of my Les Pauls. My first thought was "Oh god, it looks like a Floyd Rose, with all the little screws..." but as soon as I installed it I loved it! Installation is pretty easy, adjusting the settings is no problem at all and most important, the tone definitely improves, not to mention the sustain. I still have to get used to the different look a bit, but I can definitely recommend this bridge. If you got interested, check out their homepage at