Sunday, April 24, 2011

Touring continues

Musikmesse was a lot of fun, unfortunately I didn't get to meet everybody I wanted to meet, but that's ok I guess, I'll try again next year ;-) Thanks to everybody who came to the autograph sessions at Gibson & Meinl, I had a lot of fun there, specially when somebody came with this self made autograph card... I didn't know I am the new guitarsit of In Flames, even Peter (In Flames bassist) didn't know about it :-) Should I learn some of their songs now? ;-) Where is my iPod...
Extra special thanks to everybody at Gibson, Meinl, Mesa Engeneering and D'Addario, you guys rule!

After carrying furniture for some days now (I just moved) I am just enjyoing a couple of days of extreme resting and lazyness, but in only a couple of days we will be back on the road again. I am looking forward to those upcoming gigs, the break after the cruise was great, but now it is time to rock again and we thought about some new additions for the setlist... I am sure we will have a lot of fun again, so see you guys soon.