Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The sound behind the name

There are a couple of names in the music scene that I keep hearing over and over again, without having the slightest clue about who is behind that name, or what those artists music sounds like. I just hear people praising their talent, their music, their live shows, and sometimes I get curious enough to check them out, but for whatever reason, most of the times I forget about them until they show up in magazines again. Muse was such a band for example, I kept hearing great things about them, but only after I heard "Knights of Cydonia" (which completely blew me away immediately)I bought their albums and became a big fan of them. My latest discovery is also a guy that I kept hearing about all the time: Joe Bonamassa. He appeared in every guitar magazine poll, everybody was praising his skills as a player and his music, but somehow that never impressed me enough to check him out. Some days ago I read a big story about him and got to know that he is a blues player that really rocks, so much that the blues purists hate him for that and somehow this got me curious ;-) I expected something like Gary Moore, so I bought his latest album and just like back then with Muse I was blown away immediately... this guy really ROCKS! I never heard somebody playing blues with pretty heavy and downtuned guitars like him, I just love it, just as I love his "regular" blues stuff, so in case you like this kind of music, make sure to check him out, he's worth it!