Friday, February 12, 2010

My new Steinberger

As you can see on this picture I recently got a new guitar, a Steinberger ST-2FPA. Did my love for Les Pauls end? Nope, not at all, but I needed a baritone guitar for the recordings now, and there just is no baritone guitar from Gibson available in the moment. But since Steinberger is a part of the Gibson family... :-) The guitar has some very cool features, as mentioned before it is a baritone guitar, so it can easily handle even very low tunings, it comes with EMG pickups, has an active bass boost/cut, an active treble boost/cut and even a built in piezo pickup for clean sounds. The most unusual feature is the built in capo though. If you keep it all down the guitar is in "baritone-mode", if you set it to the second fret the guitar turns into a normal scale guitar and of course you can roll up the capo even further. Don't expect to see me with that guitar on stage, my Les Paul addiction is way to strong for that to happen, but it is a really cool guitar for studio work.