Saturday, December 26, 2009


What is the best way to spend a Christmas holiday evening? Right, going to the cinema :-) I just came back home and I am completely blown away... If you paid attention to the name of this posting you can guess what movie I was watching: Avatar. I have to say that I have seen the trailer some time ago already, and I thought it looked nice, but I was not prepared at all for how the movie really looks like. In my humble opinion it is the best movie of the year and for sure as groundbreaking for the movie industry as Star Wars has been 30 years ago! (Please Mr. Blizzard, before you continue working on the World of Warcraft movie, go to the cinema and spend some weeks watching Avatar...)
I love the universe that James Cameron created for this one, I love the story, even though it has some chlich├ęs (that don't disturb me at all) and there are some predictable things in the plot (which also didn't disturb me a single bit), and I am still absolutely drooling for the looks, I am so looking forward to the making of from this one ;-)
Well, to cut all my babbling, if you are into SciFi/Fantasy, then go and enjoy Avatar, and experience the future of cinema.