Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Online guitar lessons

Some weeks ago I discovered the site of Guitarmasterclass , an awesome webpage with tons of great lessons for guitarists. The lessons come in form of videos, with tabs and whatever else you might need to follow them and the variety is endless, from very simple things for beginners up to stuff that most likely I will only be able to play after 15 years of daily practice (and with some of the lessons I am not sure if those 15 years would be enough for me ;-) ) I immediately loved the idea, putting lessons from all kinds of teachers online in one webpage is just great and I thought it would be a great chance for me to also restart giving guitar lessons, and guess what, today I was accepted as a new teacher for GMC :-) So whoever is interested in learning new things, check out this page, there are awesome lessons online already and soon there will also be my first lessons.