Monday, August 13, 2007

Les Paul Studio III (Tronical)

Here is another guitar of mine, another Les Paul Studio in black. For a change, the special thing about this guitar is not the pickups (it has the original 498T / 490R combination), here it is the Tronical Powertune system. For those of you who don't know this system yet, it allows you to store 6 different tunings in your guitar and to get the guitar in tune in the desired tuning within about 2 seconds! All you have to do for this is to pull up the special poti to activate the whole thing, set it to the desired tuning, push a button, strum the strings once and after 2 seconds the guitar is in tune. You don't believe that this works? I thought the same, but trust me, it works perfectly. If you want to read more about this powertune system you can find a link to the Tronical webpage in the linksection under my endorsers. (Pic taken by David Siepen)